Self Mastery Groups

A One Year Course of Self Discovery and Self Mastery…

It’s about Navigating your Way to your Very Best Next Step.

Unlock your unique hidden potential. Discover your deepest heart’s desires. Join a small group on a similar quest to Self Discovery.

In this 10 month course of self development, you will be coached, cajoled and supported to take your personal life to a new level. Within a nurturing environment, you will be given tools and processes to move from the stagnation of limiting beliefs, self sabotaging shadow behaviours and blind ignorance…to a new level of self realisation and mastery.

Your fellow journeymen will support and push you, offer insight and wisdom…and together you will find the greatest resource you have: Your Self.

Step into FLOW…That seamless state where you are where you are meant to be, doing what you ought, when you should and how YOU Like it.

Discover your TRUE Soul Purpose goals and aspirations in Life, Love and Career…   Take the necessary actions to make them a reality

Learn how your brain and mind works…    Allow it to work for you effortlessly and in ways far superior than you imagined.

Uncover your Self Sabotaging Baggage and Negative Beliefs…   Learn to master them in any given situation.

Learn how you Love…      Learn how to Love others, and show them how you need to be loved.

Unlock the key to your own financial freedom…    Increase your level of self worth and raise your self esteem.


Loosely based on the work of Martha Beck whom Oprah Winfrey unabashedly credits for much of her own self development, this is a process, professionally designed to first strip away the ‘gumph’ before laying the seeds to grow an authentic, emotionally developed version of yourself.

It will not be a bed of roses all the time….pruning an ego is seldom comfortable…but the somewhat borderline wackiness of Beck’s work certainly helps.

Tools and processes are drawn from various sources – each potent in its own right. You might glimpse a bit of Byron Katie. You may meet Debbie Ford in a mirror. Julia Cameron, Louise L Hay, Brandon Bays, Paul McKenna, Tony Robbins…in fact, if an icon has contributed something to self development, it is probably in there! Good ol’ Cognitive Behavioural Therapy even has its place.

  • Small groups meet monthly for an intense 4 hour facilitated coaching session.
  • Each member receives weekly tasks to complete for their own personal development and self realization.
  • Groups are small (4 to 8 members in each group)
  • R 500 per month per person including course materials, notes…and Snacky Bits!



Contact: 076 698 9994

photoYour Coach:

Donna Joy Ford has a degree in Psychology and is certified as a Martha Beck Life Coach, Life Skills for Kids Facilitator (Louise L Hay), Innate Healing Therapist and Reiki Master.

Donna herself has emerged from the murky depths of depression brought on from a life out of sync, and is honest in sharing its not all roses all the time! With the skills and tools she has learnt and will share with you, the lows are never that low and of shorter duration. Life’s challenges whether large or small have a tendency to be resolved more easily and more quickly.
Meet Donna on


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