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Action Coach

Action Coach is an internationally recognised and rated Business Coaching Team. Using PROVEN business strategies and simple strategic manouvers they have developed hundreds of powerful and cost effective ways to develop and grow businesses across any industry.

BOF Networx is thrilled to offer its members access to ActionCLUB.

Some business owners have the passion and drive to run their businesses…but cannot see dangers and obstacles in the road ahead. They need a reliable navigator to mentor them through the ups and downs of the business cycle.

Other business owners may feel a little like Bambi in the Headlights – frozen in the bright lights of a catastrophe bearing down on them without any idea of how to avoid it.

And then there are those experienced business owners who simply recognise the need for a pair of eyes ‘outside the box’ to point them in a better direction…

For business owners who lack the time or budget to allocate an experienced business coach to lead, guide and mentor them to the next level… the smaller business coaching group is the ideal boost for them. ActionCLUB is designed for just such a business owner.

  • Professional Business Mentorship from your certified Action Coach.
  • Wisdom and guidance from other business owners
  • Strategic personal and business contacts…
  • At a Fraction of the Cost!


The end goal of an ActionCOACH mentorship programme is to build a “Commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you.” ActionCLUB  follows an eleven-­‐month curriculum comprising the following modules:

1. Positioning – Setting the foundation for success
2. FocusRICH – Goal Setting
3. CashRICH – Financial Mastery
4. TimeRICH – Time Mastery
5. LeverageRICH – The 5 Ways marketing ‘chasis’
6. LeadGenerationRICH – Building your marketing machine
7. ConversionRICH – Converting sales opportunities into paying customers
8. ClientFulfillmentRICH: Improving average Rand sale and getting clients to come back
9. SystemsRICH – Systemising your business for greater efficiency
10. TeamRICH – 6 Keys to a Winning Team
11. Leverage Game Evening – putting it all together in a fun environmnent

Each module comprises a 2.5 to 3 hour workshop, followed by a 1 hour, skype-­‐based
accountability call, allowing the coach to assist members cement the learnings and ensure
the relevant improvements/systems are implemented into each business.

While the modules are designed to be run in a particular sequence, new members can join the club at any time and attend the earlier/’missed’ modules when the cycle starts again.
We are already witnessing clients that re-­new their memberships for a second and third cycle – getting more out of the programme each time.

An entry-level private Business Coach intervention would cost your company from R 8,000 to R 30,000 per month dependent on company size and coaching intensity…

BOF Networx is thrilled to offer this Business Maximization program at just R 2,250 per month inclusive of VAT.

  • + Your Company listed on the Shout Media Digital Directory at more than 200 tourist centres nationwide. Airports, Shopping Malls, Hotels and Tourist Information Centres. Your company will appear before an estimated 100 million visitors each year.
  • + An introductory colour advert sent to the subscribed B.O.F Networx Database of 2000 members
  • + Your company and details listed on the B.O.F Networx Business Directory
  • + A FACEBOOK based marketing push for your business. We will talk about your business for you.
  • + Business Materials and Tools to carry you through to the next level.
  • + Your very own ‘Recommendation Panel’ of like-minded business professionals to sell you, your business and your products on to their business network

If you had the opportunity to take your business from R 30,000 to R 60,000 a month…would you take it?

If you could grow your business from R 30,000 to R 300,000 per month…would you do it?

If you want to, are ready to and can spare 4 hours a month outside of business hours SIGN UP


Contact: 076 698 9994

ActionCLUBS currently running in Westville and Pietermaritzburg. New Clubs launching in Ballito/Umhlanga shortly…

Action Coach


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