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Marketing ‘How To’ Guide

Here are a few tips to help market your website


You may often have across this acronym in your website dealings and fathomed over its meaning. S.E.O stand for Search Engine Optimisation and is a methodology used b web developers and specialists to improve or optimize your ranking with search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing (there are several out there!) When building your site, it is important to take note of some key factors which affect the performance of your website on search engines. Here are a few:

CONTENT – Sufficient content should be available on all your web pages and should be completely relevant and describe your product or service offering in detail. Content should also be changed on occasion to ensure you site always remains fresh.

KEYWORDS – Each page should have relevant keywords added that will be picked up by search engines

DESCRIPTION TAGS – These should be used in the coding of your website and should be edited to ensure the reader is attracted to and intrigued by your website

PAGE HEADINGS – Headings for your pages should be relevant to your website and product or service offering

AVOID DUPLICATION – avoid duplicated content in your site, or content copied over from another site. Search Engines will pick this up and give you a low scoring.

AVOID WAFFLE – content should be relevant to your product or service offering and not “fluffed” to simply consume space


Research other website that may be interested in putting a reciprocal link on their website to yours. This simply means you host a link to their site on your site in return. You obviously don’t want to be putting links on competitor’s sites, but if you’re a Pet Store Owner for example, you may want to ask for a reciprocal link on a Pet Food Product owners website. Reciprocal Links drive traffic both ways and also serve to increase your search engine performance.


Your URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a fancy name for your website address. You should be proud of your website and advertise if at every opportunity you get. Place it in your email signature, on any written correspondence and all business stationery. If you sign up on any social networks like Face Book, LinkedIn, or Plaxo, be sure to list your URL there, and be sure to spell it correctly! We have a guide on Social Media Marketing, be sure to read that.


Be sure to inform people of the benefits of visiting your website. If you visit the MH Marketing website, you will be able to download free Marketing “How To” Guides, and sign up for our monthly newsletter which is filled with tips and interesting stuff! What are the benefits of visiting your website?

Happy Marketing!

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