Laughter and Learning on the Joy Journey Course

Joy Journey Group“If you haven’t reached for the box of tissues in Donna’s Workshop yet…you will. Soon. Fortunately the love, understanding and unconditional acceptance we share in that special place means we can finally Let Go and LAUGH about our silly notions, sordid histories and diabolical beliefs! How nice to know I am not the only one!   

We are almost midway through the Joy Journey – and transformations are becoming quite noticeable. One of our members blubbered freely one session as she struggled within the confines of a situation she found herself…to be totally in control the next as she mastered that particular situation and firmly took the reigns of her life in a way she would never previously.

What happened? “I heard all your different voices in my head,” she tells us. “Before I knew it, I was saying this…as B said I should and that…as S would have said it. It was easy, because I had all of you right there with me…’

That’s the magic of a small development group – it’s not just the work of the facilitator or the material used – it’s the collective experience and wisdom of other women in very similar situations that catalyzes us all to advanced levels. If 2 minds can make 3 – then 8 minds can make hundreds!

Interested in learning more?

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