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According to expert Hugh McCabe, Social Media is the “biggest media revolution of our times” . I cannot agree more! The statistics speak for themselves. More and more business is coming from online reviews and word-of-mouth forums.

Social mediaSo what’s the big hype? Well, most social media sites are free, for a start. Secondly, social media allows you to engage with your audience, get relevant leads for your business, and influence peoples decisions through idea generation.

Here are a few tips from a few online experts on how best to use Social Media to market your business:

Your Brand

Use social media to build your company’s brand rather than using is as a constant sales pitch. You can become an ambassador for your brand through the use of Twitter, FaceBook pages, LinkedIn and WordPress

You should not go in without a plan though – develop a strategy to position your company at the forefront of the online communities you are engaging with.

Your Customers

Bear in mind that Social Media has an International reach. This gives small business the same global reach as a big international and multinational companies.

You can now also target travellers because Smart Phones and the Mobile Web give social media users access whilst they are travelling

Use social media to plant ideas in your customers head and thereby potentially influence their decisions

Your Community

Use Social media to place your business in a good light with your community by commenting on issues that your industry or your home community is faced with. In this way you create a knowledge sharing pool, all this while you are getting your brand out there in a positive light.

Your Peers

Use social media amongst your peers in your industry to look for possible collaborations that could strengthen your business proposition.

Your Competition

Of course, with Social Media tools, you are able to keep abreast of what your competition is up to online at any given time. There is nowhere to hide online. (This is a good reason to remember to always keep it professional!)

Your Budget

The marvel of Viral Marketing – I call it the Online Sneeze (spreading a message just as a sneeze would spread the Flu) – means you can produce relevant and interesting content through other people without having to pay for it, or spend time producing it.

TIPS when using Social Media

First, set clear, concise objectives – what is the purpose of this mission for you?

Next, define your goals and make them measurable

With these goals in mind, you now need to define your ‘message’ – what do you intend to convey to your audience? Be creative, original, funny, bold. Never be overbearing.

Once you have your message, you now need to select your target audience and then go out and find them

Remember that Social Media is about ENGAGING. Listen and respond and adapt your campaign and your message if required.

Don’t allow yourself to become rejected if you experience a slow start – creating a healthy online footprint takes time and commitment.

Last but not least, face negative feedback head on. Comments never die on the internet. They cannot be erased, and will not go away if you play the Ostrich.

Good Luck! If you need any help, feel free to contact us by clicking here

Happy Marketing!

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